The Round of Adrien

Let us support the Round of Adrien together !

la ronde d'adrien

The Round of Adrien is an association based in France. She helps the children reached from cerebral Paralysis.

What Symbolizes association and its logo ?

Round : Female name indicating a dance where one is held by the hands and where one turns all in round. Adrien : Little boy of 5  years, reached Paralysis Cerebral, merry and mischievous, exeptional and attaching.

la ronde d'adrien

The funds collected thanks to their various activities are used to help the children suffering from this pathology in thier evolution. One of the ends worked by this association is also to change the glance wich one usually carries on the difference, still too badly perceived norwadays. The handicap remains still a true subject taboo.

The work wich they achieve with the daily newspaper with association and their site or on makes it possible to wake up the consciences and give again a place except for whole with the people reached of handicap.

Associative porject :

To creacte a network of mutuel aid between parents, to support formations financially and to sensitize in the world of the handicap.

Pathology : What is what Cerebral Paralysis ?

The Cerebral Paralysis or cerebral driving infirmity is related to a lesion of the brain which has occured during the time anténatale or perinatal. There are several forms, Adrien presents the heaviest form : the spastic quadriparesy, that under hears that the attack touches the 4 members.

The disorder is thus massive and associates a pastural insufficiency of the trunk, a control of the often weak head and stiffness of the members. There are 125.000 people reached of Cerebral Paralysis in France. This pathology is thus not so rare and it is not contagious. It touches 17 million people in the world.


By transfer with account :

IBAN: FR76 1020 6083 0498 7207 4714 669


« For each step that you make, there are the children who advance »

Thank you for your suppor t! 🙂


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